An amazing  journey to Greek flavors and the Mediterranean diet!

In the crossroad between the East and the West, the Greek cuisine has been heavily influenced by this of its neighbors (Slavs) and conquerors (Byzantines, Turks, Venetians). This influence combined with the 4000 year old local tradition (Ancient Greeks) gave birth to a unique gastronomical result. The modern Greek cuisine is considered among the best, healthiest and most balanced cuisines of the world, simply and mainly because it’s based on local products of high nutritional value.

Totally different and complicated is the cuisine from the Greeks of Asia Minor. In the vast areas where Greeks used to live for more than 2000 years (simultaneously with 4 great empires: Persian, Byzantine, Arabic and Ottoman), a cuisine was born with many contradictory elements, mainly based on vegetables, rice, meat, spices and dry nuts.

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Greek extra virgin Olive oil

Greek olive oil is worldwide famous for its purity, exceptional taste and high nutritional value.

Greek table olives

A great selection of Greek table olives like Kalamata and Halkidiki.

Greek pure honey

The Greek honey is renowned for its excellent quality, aroma and exceptional purity and taste. The most popular come from thyme and pines.

Greek Wines

The Greek wines are among the best worldwide. Numerous have a High Quality Origin Name, like Zitsa, Naousa, Nemea, Robola etc.

Greek teaspoon sweets

From wild cherries, grapes, figs, berries, bergamots, citrus, plums and quinces

Greek Herbs

Looking for Greek Herbs? Oregano, rosemary, thyme, are the most commonly used herbs in the Greek cuisine. The Mediterranean diet is largely based on these ingredients.